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Museum Member

Become a Museum Member Tomo-no-Kai

Tomo-no-Kai of the Ibaraki Nature Museum is currently on the lookout for people who are interested in nature or just want to enjoy the facilities of our museum. On becoming a member you will get various privileges and benefits.

Annual Membership Fees

Family (family who live in the same household) 4,000yen
Individual (senior high school and above) 3,000yen
Child (elementary or junior high school) 1,000yen
Supporter (individual or group who agrees with the aims of Tomo-no-Kai and is willing to support its activities.) 10,000yen
  • *People who become members after October will receive a 50% discount on the membership fee.
  • *People who become members after July will receive a 25% discount on the membership fee.

Membership Benefits

  • ☆Free admission to the Museum.(You can view your favorite exhibits as many times as you wish!)
  • ☆Free mailing of Tomo-no-Kai’s bulletin ‘Mammoth Message,’ Museum Newsletter, event information. You will receive the latest information about the Museum or Tomo-no-Kai quickly. And, you will not miss any event you want to attend!
  • ☆In addition to museum events, you will be able to come to special events organized exclusively for Tomo-no-Kai members – Nature Observation Meetings that include a guided tour by the museum curators or specialists.
  • ☆Free access to a wide range of library books from children’s to natural science books.
  • ☆Original items with the Museum’s logo at membership discount prices in the Museum Shop. When making a purchase, please show your Membership Card.
  • ☆In the restaurant, some menu is discount.
At Tomo-no-Kai, we hold Observation Meetings. We also provide opportunities to visit other museums at the event.

How to apply for Membership

Complete the membership application form and mail it to Tomo-no-Kai at the museum.

Please pay the membership fee by one of the following methods:

  1. Pay directly to our bank account (form enclosed with application form)
  2. Send the fee by postal transfer
  3. Send the fee by registered mail to Tomo-no-Kai.
  4. Pay at Tomo-no-Kai’s counter at the Museum.
  • *Please visit Tomo-no-Kai’s counter or the entrance on the second floor of the Museum, or call Tomo-no-Kai (tel: 0297-30-2003) for a membership application form.
  • *All memberships expire in March (end of fiscal year).

Tomo-no-Kai’s character TOMOGORON

Tomo-no-Kai’s character