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Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor facilities of the Ibaraki Nature Museum are situated east of the museum next to Sugao Marsh. These facilities provide opportunities for active, experiential learning. This 15.8 hectare reserve provides visitors with a chance to experience and enjoy the natural forests and other environmental features that are preserved in their original state.

Visit Ibaraki Nature Museum and walk along the park’s nature trails. You will experience the wonders of Planet Earth and appreciate more than ever the fact of being a part of one global environment.

Outdoor Activities


Lawn Square

7Lawn Square

The Square makes uses a gentle slope which offers a view Dragonfly Pond and the Acorn Forest. An open lawn reserved for relaxation.

Flower Meadow

9Flower Meadow

In Flower Meadow, located between the Ivy Forest and Insect Sanctuary, flowers bloom throughout the year. The cherry blossom grove is in full bloom in the early spring.
The Meadow stretches all the way down to Sorimachi Komon Bridge.

Flower Tree Square

10Flowering Tree Square

Flowering Tree Square located on the east side of the Main Building and looks directly out on Sugao Marsh. Different trees blossom corresponding with changing seasons, and migrant birds pay seasonal visits to the Marsh. You can also observe various wild cherry blossoms in spring.

Water Life Observation Point

12Water Life Observation Point

A wooden bridge which traverse Dragonfly Pond links Lawn Square with Sun Square plaza and Water. You can observation irises and sweet flags covering the surface of the water.

Dragonfly Pond

14Dragonfly Pond

This artificial pond was created by gathering natural spring water into a patch of cultivated low land, which had long in use as Yatsuda, a rice field. The pond is pregnant with food for hygrophytes, hygrophytes and other aquatic organisms, as well as small animals. Wild birds feeding on them can also be observed.

Dream Square

16Dream Square

Dream Square is a playground with large-scale facilities designed to let young visitors experience being part of nature – what it is like be a spider and drift in the air, to crawl like a small animal to realistically observe what the world looks like from a bird’s eye point of view.

Sorimachi Komon Bridge

17Sorimachi Komon Bridge

Built in 1900 as a back levee, Sorimachi Komon Bridge protected the rice fields along the Iinuma River from floods until 1991 when, as part of a river improvement project, it was demolished and replaced by new bridge. The elegant yet functional bridge has been restored to its former glory by the museum and now stands next to Dragonfly Pond.

Nature Center

19Nature Center

The Nature Center on the South Plateau serves as a base for outdoor activities, independent, creative study and research. This area is particularly popular with young visitors. It is eco-friendly, equipped with a windmill generator and water reservoir which purifies and makes use of rainwater.

Water Square

21Water Square

Water Square is an artificial watercourse, streaming down the slope between the Sun Square and the ancient Square. There is a fountain upstream of water flow. (Water flow period: April-September) * Currently suspended.

Ancient Square

22Ancient Square

Ancient square is an experience-oriented space where visitors can try their hand at excavation-authentic fossil shells extracted from the Kasumigaura area. At Ancient Square, you can explore the ancient environment and life. Tools for the shell fossil digging experience are rented at Nature Center. * Lending is currently suspended.

Sugao Marsh Gate

23Sugao Marsh Gate

Sugao Marsh Friendship Bridge

24Sugao Marsh Friendship Bridge

It is a pedestrian-only bridge over Sugao Marsh. It is a great point to see various creatures such as various wild birds living in the swamp up close.
Also, if you cross the bridge, you can go to Asunaro no Sato (another facility) on the Mitsukaido.