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About Us

About Us

About Ibaraki Nature Museum

The Ibaraki Nature Museum has invited its visitors to “learn from the past, understand the present and foresee the future” since November 1994.
The five exhibition spaces tell the story of the natural world and allow you to discover more about our connection with nature. Trace the history of earth and space from the distant past to the present day and into the future.
Learn more about nature in Ibaraki in Discovery Place. This part of the museum showcases the prefecture’s plants, animals and earth science, and highlights the conservation efforts being made to preserve the precious trees and plants native to the area. Then step outside into the museum grounds to see some of these rare plants in the Sugao Marsh nature conservation area.

Facility overview

Site area 158,067.10m
Main building total floor area 11,995㎡
Comprehensive Exhibits area 3,188㎡
Special Exhibits area 957㎡
Ancillary facilities Seminar House
Neture Center

Members of Ibaraki Nature Museum

Members of Ibaraki Nature Museum組織図

Director's room

Director’s room

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