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Greetings from the Director of Ibaraki Nature Museum
Greetings from the Director of Ibaraki Nature Museum
Director's room
Ibaraki Nature Museum
Director Kazumi Yokoyama

 Our museum was opened in 1994 as a new type of the museum for the 21st century based on the concept ‘learning from the past, knowing the present and foreseeing the future.’
 Our museum has three distinguishing features. The first feature is a 15.8 ha field with woods, a pond and a small rice field, which reflects the traditional scenery of the Kanto area. This is the stage where visitors can gain a practical understanding what they have learned in the building.
 The second is a series of exhibits which take you through the history of the earth. While walking through five rooms whose themes are the universe, the earth, nature, life and environment, you will find yourself time traveling through 4.6 billion years.
 The last feature is the important role this museum plays in society. As a center of informal education for all the ages, our museum offers everyone whatever they want to learn in the relaxing mood. That is why we call ourselves “Museum Park.”

 Please visit us to experience the museum, which is constantly evolving. Of course, you will be more than welcome.

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Members of Ibaraki Nature Museum
Director (1)
Kazumi Yokoyama
Vice Director (1)
Katsuyuki Kumada
Administration division (8)
・・・ Maintenance/Management
Assistant Director (1)
Hitoshi Ogawa
Project division (9)
・・・ Planning/Publicity
Education division (11)
・・・ Outreach/Rental of specimens
Collections division (13)
・・・ Collection/Exhibition, Information Transfer System
There are also museum companions (22), advisory staff (3), and temporary staff (1).